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Former child actor Jerry Schatz, now 88, was recently profiled by Long Island’s Newsday. He’s pictured above in the “Our Gang” short, Hi, Neighbor! (1934) and below with Shirley Temple in Captain January (1936).

He also appeared in Sidewalks of New York (1931) with Buster Keaton, No Man of Her Own (1932) with Carole Lombard, Babes in Toyland (1934) with Laurel and Hardy, San Francisco (1936) with Jeannete MacDonald, and Boys Town (1938) with Spencer Tracy. His most prominent role, however, was as the spoiled rich kid in the “Our Gang” comedies. 

"Whenever Hal Roach wanted a nasty kid, he would borrow me from Paramount," Schatz said in the Newsday interview. “Once you did something well, the other studios remembered you.”

Schatz  also worked in several radio programs including King Arthur Jr. (1940-1941) and Twenty Grand Salutes Your Birthday (1941).

The Jerry Schatz papers, part of the Library of American Broadcasting collection, span the years 1931-1987 and contains scripts, photographs, a scrapbook, a magazine article, two videotapes and a 1930s baseball uniform.

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