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Inside the Adam-12 Press Kit:

This vinyl-covered cardboard box is actually one of the more elaborate press kits in the holdings of Special Collection in Mass Media & Culture.  Produced for the syndication debut of the NBC series Adam–12 by MCA-TV, it was distributed to stations that picked up the program for its off-network run.

Co-created by Dragnet’s creator and star, Jack Webb (with R.A. Cindar), Adam-12 aimed to show the work of the cop on the street in much the same way that Dragnet had depicted police detectives. Martin Milner starred as veteran LAPD officer Pete Malloy, with Kent McCord as rookie Jim Reed.  The characters were introduced prior to Adam-12’s first broadcast on Webb’s reboot of his signature series, Dragnet-67. Over the course of the series seven year run there were several “cross-over” stories with other programs produced by Webb’s production company Mark VII, Ltd., including Emergency! and The D.A.

Above are some items from the kit — which included photos, slides, film, audio tape, ad copy and press releases — along with a close up of the elaborate artwork silk-screened onto the vinyl covering (the black background was added to improve contrast). Some of the scenes in that artwork are cut out and dropped into several of the slides (like the one shown above).

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